Happy Holidays and A sparkling 2024

With the holidays and New Year’s Eve approaching, it’s nice to look back. 2023 was the year in which Rineke broke through as an artist. She was asked to participate in the opening exhibition of the sympathetic Volksgalerie DVA in Enschede. Shortly afterwards also for the exhibition Zomer in zicht of the Kubra-Art gallery in Rosmalen. Rineke was proud that her work Pagoda was on the official poster. She made a series of four glass dances, Tango, Boléro, Paso doble and Quadrille, all of which have now been given a new home. The glass market in Lommel, the art fair in Zutphen, it was a pleasure to see the reactions of the many visitors. The highlight was undoubtedly the exhibition Reflections in Glass, together with Carolin Zibulka in the Church of Persingen. Rineke’s bronze sculptures also received a lot of positive comments. Two of the eight copies of the ‘beach missy’ Leisure were sold and a third stays at home.

Thanks to the organizers and volunteers of the many events where Rineke’s work was shown. Thanks to everyone who came to see Rineke’s work, at an event or online. Rineke has enjoyed making her work and also the many conversations and comments. New pieces will be available this year. We hope to see you again in a sparkling 2024!