Year-end at Renesse Castle

Rineke closed her exhibition year 2023 on 2 and 3 December at Kasteel de Renesse in Malle, Belgium. Rineke’s work was received with many Amaai’s from the visitors. We wish the new owners of her work a lot of viewing pleasure!

After this exhibition, it’s time to go back into the studio and make new work. Rineke is also working on the exhibition agenda for 2024, more information about that will follow later. Have a nice holday season and see you at the next exhibition in 2024!

New: Bonfire

This subtle work of art made of orange glass evokes the atmosphere of a small crackling campfire. The transparency catches light and gives a warm glow. The work invites quiet reflection and brings back memories of pleasant evenings around the fire for Rineke.

A bouquet of art in images, music and words

Art collective ArtPoezTiek from Malle loves to let people enjoy people with talent in many forms.

Rineke was invited to participate in this exhibition with her glass objects and bronze sculptures. An invitation she gladly accepted. Come and have a look and also enjoy sculptures in wood, ceramics, figures in leather and much more. And, quite unusual, also of poetry, word art and music.

New: Tic-tac-toe

The grid for the game inspired Rineke to create this glass fusion object Tic-tac-toe. The 9 squares are placed horizontally and vertically, just like the blue pawns in them. The work is framed in a beautiful wooden frame.

Wonderful weekend “Reflections in Glass”

Rineke and Carolin enjoyed their exhibition “Reflections in Glass” together with their visitors in the Church of Persingen. Despite the rain, many people came to watch and enjoy. The church was beautifully decorated with the colorful glass sculptures by Rineke in the middle and the magical lava-coating glass panels by Carolin on the walls. The work of the two artists complemented each other beautifully.

New: Kir Royal

For Rineke, 2023 is a festive year in which she is breaking through as a glass artist. This is celebrated with a festive drink, a Kir Royal. This artwork connects to the colors and feelings of the pink champagne cocktail. Party time!

New: Lighthouse

The bright light at the top of a lighthouse is often white, but in some towers it is also red in color. Rineke captured the atmosphere of lighthouses in this tall glass object. The two parts together form a round structure that shows its color depending on how you look at it.

New: Golden hour

Glass artist Rineke loves the light in the last hour before sunset. Photographers call it the Golden Hour. During that time, the sun gives a wonderfully warm glow to everything the light shines on. The glass sculpture ‘Golden hour’ wants to convey that feeling to you. Enjoy the warmth.

Reflections in Glass – 3D glass art

Rineke Nijssen from Elst (Gld) and Carolin Zibulka from Kleve (Germany) cordially invite you to their duo exhibition Reflections in Glass on 18 and 19 November from 11:00 to 17:00.

Rineke shows her colourful spatial glass objects, made with glass fusion. Carolin shows her unique 3D glass panels made with lava coating, in which you see plenty of depth. Rineke and Carolin present their works in the historical “Kerkje van Persingen” between Nijmegen and Kleve.

11 and 12 November: National Atelier Weekend at Rineke

On 11 and 12 November 2023, the National Atelier Weekend will be held. During this weekend, (professional) artists open their studios to interested parties. Rineke also opens the studio in her home. On Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 November you can walk in between 11:00 and 16:00 to view and possibly buy her work. We look forward to welcoming you!