GAPi Exposition Water - Land

From 29 June to 29 August, two of Rineke’s glass 3D objects will be on display in the EWater-Land position, organised by GAPi. The exhibition will be held in The Stadskazerne in Kampen. There are 37 participants in the exhibition from 9 different countries. You are very welcome at the opening on 29 June at 15:00. Alderman Richard Bodeus will then perform the opening.

GAPi stands for Genuine Art Projects International. The group was founded after the Fukishima nuclear disaster and focuses on the real world problems. The group chooses to create art about topics that matter in life, such as environmental issues and humanitarian issues. The exhibition Land-Water is about the problems with water in people’s living environment, which are caused by climate change. GAPi has previously organised exhibitions in the Netherlands, but also in South Korea, Belgium, Iran, England, Macedonia and Turkey.

Country ambassador and co-founder of GAPi Fred van Welie spotted the work Rain dance by Rineke, as well as Bon bini beach. Both works fit perfectly into the theme of the exhibition and Rineke is happy to be able to show the work in this beautiful exhibition with this international group of artists.


Genuine Art Projects International
Exhibition Water – Land

29 June to 29 August
Mon to Sat 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Friday: 09.00 – 19.30
Closed on Sundays

The Stadskazerne
Oudestraat 216
8261 CA Kampen

Rain dance
Bon bini beach