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6 August – Glasmarkt Lommel, Belgium

On 6 August 2023, an internationally renowned glass market will be held in Lommel. Rineke is also present here with her glass sculptures. Come along for a chat and, why not, get a nice sculpture of your choice!sculpture

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New: Pilars, blauw groen en sprankelend

No less than 10 glass elements together make these five pillars. Because they are placed at right angles to each other, the light refracts in an interesting way. The blue, green and sparkling particles at the top of the bright pillars bring your gaze up to the top of this high organic work.

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RINEKE. ART available in English

Rineke’s glass and bronze artworks are very popular with viewers. Among the 200 followers on Facebook and 100 followers on Instagram are plenty of foreign visitors. To make it easier for them, this website RINEKE. ART is fully translated and available in English via the flag in the menu bar.

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New: Milkshake

Fancy the blissful summer? Nice and lazy and languid in the sun. Warm though…. What could be better than cooling down a bit with a nice pink milkshake with ice cream and fresh strawberries! This glass sculpture Milkshake gives you exactly that feeling, but without melting. Slurping is allowed 😇

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Exhibition gallery De Kunstfactorij – Bennekom

Some of Rineke’s glass sculptures will be on display at gallery De Kunstfactorij in Bennekom in the coming period. Owner Elise Huijberts saw Rineke’s glass art, was immediately enthusiastic and invited Rineke for an exhibition in the gallery. Very nice to introduce a new audience to her beautiful glass art.

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New: Aqueduct

This large glass object has the shape of two superimposed Roman arches. The azure in the edges of the work reminds you of the water of the Mediteranee.

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