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Vernissage at Volksgalerie DVA

On Wednesday evening, February 1, the first pop-up exhibition of 14 artists opened in Volksgalerie DVA, the vernissage. Diana van Agteren of the Volksgalerie introduced all the artists one by one. Going to see 😀 that

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Logo stamp for bronze statues

When you buy a beautiful original work of art, you want to be sure that it really belongs to that artist. That is why her bronze statues are now marked with her logo, the Crazy Bekkie. A steel stamp now gives an imprint in the wax that can be seen in the bronze after casting. This way you know that you have a real Rineke.

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Own glass oven RINEKE. ART

Rineke’s glass sculptures are mainly made with glass fusion. Individual glass elements are melted together in the oven. The glass is then attached to each other and shines beautifully. Having your own oven has been a wish for some time. This weekend was the day. Rineke was wedged between the oven and the door in the back of the packed car for the return trip. Super happy with the possibilities that this brings.

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Exhibition at Volksgalerie DVA

On 1 February, the Volksgalerie DVA will open at Brouwerijplein 39 in Enschede. A beautiful new gallery that wants to offer a platform for even less well-known artists. Rineke was invited as one of the artists in the opening exhibition. In the month of February, a selection of Rineke’s work will be on display and for sale at the Volksgalerie.

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De Diver at HANS!wonen

My beautiful bronze statue Diver is in the shop window at HANS living next to the Town Hall in Elst! It colors really beautifully with the wallpaper and curtains that Hans can supply. Very nice that my work is now beautifully visible in the middle of the village for a while.

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100 followers on Facebook

On this website Rineke’s work is nicely put together. If new work has been made you can find it here. Or follow me on Facebook, like more than 100 others. Then my new work will automatically appear in your timeline. Recommended!

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