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Exhibition: Rotterdam Artweek 2024

PLEASE NOTE: New location – Schiecentrale

Rineke will show her work on 3 and 4 February during the Art Market in the Schiecentrale, part of the Rotterdam Artweek 2024.

Rineke will show a large part of her collection of glass objects and some bronze sculptures. It promises to be a feast for your eyes, so come along!

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New: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a gemstone that comes in the colors pale green, blue-green, and light blue. Wonderful colors to see together in a jewel. Rineke made this ‘living room jewel’ Aquamarine with similar colours and sparkle as inspiration. It’s like an underwater world where the light shines in!

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New: Spectrum

Discover “Spectrum,” a stunning 3D artwork constructed with Rineke’s signature glass strips. The soft transitions from color to color and the vivid hues create an atmospheric and bright contemporary image. The pleasure Rineke had while creating radiates from it.

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New: Polaroid

If you take a photo with a trendy Polaroid camera, it has those white edges, necessary for development and transport by the camera. That image gave Rineke the idea for this glass work. The light is reflected in green and clear strips of glass. And the frame in the middle shows what’s behind the work. Peekaboo!

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New: Midwinter

This delicate white glass work ‘Midwinter’ captures the serene atmosphere of the season. The transparency of the white glass allows subtle light to pass through. The sparkling elements on the glass reflect the light in changing colours, like winter jewels. They add a bit of magic to the cold winter landscape.

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New: Tic and Tic-tac

The first work in the series, called Tic-tac-toe, was on display in the exhibition Reflections in Glass in Persingen. Now Tic-tac and Tic are also ready. The series of 3 works is clearly recognizable as family, a clear glass surface of 3 by 3 squares containing various blue and clear rods as markings. They are beautifully framed and suitable for your wall.

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