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New: Abundance

It doesn’t matter where you are, what the weather is like or what season it is. The two-sided object Abundance sparkles in the light and automatically transports you to a fresh flower bed in spring.

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New: Embrace

Glass is a hard material. But when you fuse strips of glass with sharp edges together in the oven, it becomes round and soft to the touch. It feels like a warm embrace through a soft blanket of glass, a sweet hug.

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New: Facet

Rineke enjoys using different colours to create shapes in the glass. You can see that nicely in this work Facet. Where the blue and green strips of glass touch each other, the shape of a facet emerges. A sparkling play with the use of colour.

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Exhibition: Rotterdam Artweek 2024

PLEASE NOTE: New location – Schiecentrale

Rineke will show her work on 3 and 4 February during the Art Market in the Schiecentrale, part of the Rotterdam Artweek 2024.

Rineke will show a large part of her collection of glass objects and some bronze sculptures. It promises to be a feast for your eyes, so come along!

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New: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a gemstone that comes in the colors pale green, blue-green, and light blue. Wonderful colors to see together in a jewel. Rineke made this ‘living room jewel’ Aquamarine with similar colours and sparkle as inspiration. It’s like an underwater world where the light shines in!

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