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New: Lava

The fiery colors of swirling lava splash off this work. You can almost imagine the smell of the air as when you would come close. Lava is so hot that rock has melted and solidifies again a little later. This is also how this wonderful artwork is made, but of glass.

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New: Pythagoras

A² + B² = C² is the Pythagorean theorem, to calculate the length of the three sides of a right triangle. The challenge with this glass object by Rineke is to calculate the length of the two oblique sides. , when you only know that the height of the work is 27 cm, and the width of the foot is 17 cm. Moreover, you can see that the two sides are not equally slanted. You’ll manage, wont you?

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New: Eruption

Mesmerizing work, it looks like an eruption! Or maybe a moss plant that germinates or a nest of cobras? The light shines fantastically through this work, the first of a series of Eruptions of glass that Rineke makes. The glass is smooth and rounded by the temperature at which it is processed. Really so beautiful!

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Glasmarkt Lommel: A busy and fun hustle!

What a a huge crowd having fun at the glass market in Lommel last Sunday, September 17, 2023. Rineke’s work was also on display and for sale. It stood out, the editor of the Internetgazet Lommel came by for the above post, an interview and a photo of her work Honey very nice!

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14 and 15 October 2023 – Kunstbeurs Zutphen

On 14 and 15 October 2023 between 11:00 and 17:00 Rineke will exhibit a selection of her sculptures made of glass and bronze at the Kunstbeurs Zutphen in the Hanzehal. You can expect the bronze Diver and her beautiful glass sculpture Aqueduct will be shown to the public for the very first time.

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Successful exhibition Rhapsody 2023

It was fun and also busy at the exhibition of the art group Rhapsody on August 27, 2023 in Elst. The eight participants showed work made with glass fusion but also sculpture and ceramics. There was even a real sculpture gallery in one corridor. We wish new owners a lot of fun with their new artworks! Thanks to all visitors and of course also to the participants of the exhibition for a wonderful art day!

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