Visit to showroom Carolin Zibulka

In the weekend Rineke visited the new showroom of Carolin Zibulka in Kleve, just across the border near Nijmegen. Carolin creates beautiful 3D glass panels with a technique she calls Lavacoating. In her showroom you can admire and possibly purchase a piece of her collection of artwork. The showroom opens to visitors every second Sunday of the month. You can also visit her by appointment.

Rineke and Carolin met on Facebook after they both exhibited their work at Volksgalerie DVA in Enschede. They admired each other’s work and after an introduction they decided to exhibit together. The Reflections in Glass exhibition in the Church in Persingen was well attended and the responses to their work were enthusiastic.
This year Rineke and Carolin can be seen together again at the art market in Susteren and during the Zutphen Glass Expo in November where they will share a stand. But before then, a visit to Carolin’s showroom is well worth it!

Carolin Zibulka

Showroom Carolin Zibulka

Feldmannstege 10
47533 Kleve

Phone: +49 178 8493396
Email: caro@lavacoating.de