Image diver to the bronze caster

Rineke has a new bronze statue in the works. The Diver will be a beautiful spectacle! An image of a man diving straight into the water. The splashing water catches the sparkle of the sun’s light. In the photo you can see the Diver made in wax with the splashing water next to his head, the splashes of which are finished shiny. The part at the bottom right of the photo does not belong to the Diver. The man and the water are later made together. The intention is to present the image on a ‘water table’.

Rineke makes her bronze sculptures in tough, almost black modelling wax. After kneading in the hand for a while, the wax becomes warm and forms. For the casting and patination of her work, she uses the service of a local bronze caster. The wax melts away when the bronze is cast. This is called the ‘lost wax’ method.

The image is expected for presentation on the website in October.


October 2022