Espresso Description What could be better than a hearty cup of Italian espresso from freshly ground beans. That’s a moment of pure happiness. Not that big, but full of flavor. Taste it when you end their delicious indulgence at Wijnbar Bridot in Elst with a great espresso. Rineke made this glass sculpture just like that […]


Slava Description That peace and freedom can simply be taken away from millions of people because someone has a different worldview remains incomprehensible. Your country, your home, your loved ones and yourself, nothing safe anymore. Then you can’t help but stand up to that. For life, for love, for freedom. Slava! Specifications Width: 8 cm […]


Honey Description It’s like getting a nice slice of crispbread on a sunny Sunday morning, smeared with sticky sweet honey. That’s the feeling you get with this lovely glass sculpture Honey. It looks as if there are drops of dew on top, so the small round particles shine in the morning light. Are you getting […]

Sapphire sky

Sapphire sky Description Sometimes you have those nights that are nice and dark and in which the stars sparkle in the sky. That image was in Rineke’s head when she made Sapphire sky. A somewhat smaller glass sculpture consisting of two elements. The bright stars stand out against the dark blue night. Specifications Width: 14 […]


Amazon Description Upstream, the forest of the Amazon is still untouched in places. The water is clear blue and is bordered by tropical rainforest. Those perhaps utopian colors are the basis for this glass sculpture Amazon. The two middle water elements in blue and white flow between the two outer elements, the green mangrove. Bovonop […]


Twinkle Description The special dichroid glass that seems to be sprinkled over this artwork Twinkle as jewels has a special property. Depending on the incidence of light, it can be colorless, but also light up as pink, gold, blue or green! If you place the work in a light place in the house, it will […]


Groovy Description Good old music always inspires. When creating this metallic blue glass sculpture, Rineke listened to Simon & Garfunkel’s 1966 hit Feelin’ Groovy. Lovely atmosphere and a text that suits her. Slow down, you move too fastYou got to make the morning lastJust kicking down the cobblestonesLooking for fun and feeling groovyBa da-da da-da […]

Jelly beans

Jelly beans Description Jelly beans is a brightly colored glass work of art! Sandwiched between the strips of transparent white glass are colourful ‘sweets’. Some have only one color but others have two or three. They are nicely rounded and smooth and you would put them in your mouth in no time. Specifications Width: 16 […]


Quadrille Description With a quadrille, everything goes into celebrations. Whether it is four riders who ride a dressage or jumping test together with their horse, or whether it is four couples who perform a dance together in a square shape. This glass sculpture is also a quadrille. The shape is square, almost a cube. The […]


Boléro Description Boléro. A stately circular dance to a piece of music with two standards that repeat itself like a perpetual motion machine. In a rhythm that puts you in a trance. Gently at first but increasing in volume, again and again. That is the feeling with this glass sculpture that Rineke therefore calls Boléro. […]