Fiery and swaying, that is the Spanish dance Flamenco. Rineke made a new glass object in the series of dances, followig previous dances like Tango, Paso doble and Rain dance. The flamenco dancer’s rustling skirts are deep red and solid in color on the inside. The exterior captures the temperament of the dance. Olé!!


Castle combines clear and moss-green glass to take the shape of a medieval castle. Light plays on the surface, creating subtle patterns and reflections. This piece captures the essence of a castle, blending the traditional form with modern design.

Rhythm and blues

“Rhythm and Blues” is an intriguing glass artwork that captures the essence of this style of music in visual form. It combines elegance with dynamics and breathes a sense of movement. The rhythm of Rineke’s characteristic glass strips topped with the blues of the round elements evokes emotion and creativity. A perfect addition to any space that needs vibrancy.


The vast rectangular fields of arable farming in the Flevopolder were the inspiration for creating this work, Polder. Repeating blocks, intersected with interruptions, but in glass. Fantastic for those who love patterns.


The Airgunners from the Second World War, were present at the commemoration of the dead in Rineke’s former hometown of Dronten. Their relatives each place a ‘poppy’ to commemorate their loved ones. War always only leaves loss. Lest we forget.


Intriguing, regular and beautiful in color. You can see that when you look at a honeycomb. The repeating pattern with the golden-yellowish color of honey underneath. Rineke wants to convey the essence of this in this glass work of art. Not hexagonal, but with the regular pattern of cells filled with glorious goodness.

Spring meadow

Rineke really loves flowers. Especially in the spring when it has taken too long before there was something new to see in nature. When the first flowers emerge in the grass, it is a wonderful moment. She has captured that feeling in this glass work Spring meadow.

Rain dance

The inspiration for Rain dance came (surprise…) from the soaking wet months of January and February of this year. Rineke wanted to make something beautiful out of all that rain. Fortunately, the Rain dance has helped, to finally stop the rain. Spring!


The John Denver song Poems Prayers and Promisses has been in Rineke’s mind ever since her youth. The song was also playing when she came up with the idea for this artwork. The glass elements each consist of three parts. Not symetrical but miraculous anyway. Forever beautiful. This is Evergreen.


Rineke’s glass artwork “Caterpillars” reflects the curling movements of tiny crawling caterpillars in her flower garden, captured in blue, yellow, and clear glass. The work is framed for a nice spot on the wall.