This subtle work of art made of orange glass evokes the atmosphere of a small crackling campfire. The transparency catches light and gives a warm glow. The work invites quiet reflection and brings back memories of pleasant evenings around the fire for Rineke.


The bright light at the top of a lighthouse is often white, but in some towers it is also red in color. Rineke captured the atmosphere of lighthouses in this tall glass object. The two parts together form a round structure that shows its color depending on how you look at it.

Golden hour

Glass artist Rineke loves the light in the last hour before sunset. Photographers call it the Golden Hour. During that time, the sun gives a wonderfully warm glow to everything the light shines on. The glass sculpture ‘Golden hour’ wants to convey that feeling to you. Enjoy the warmth.


The fiery colors of swirling lava splash off this work. You can almost imagine the smell of the air as when you would come close. Lava is so hot that rock has melted and solidifies again a little later. This is also how this wonderful artwork is made, but of glass.


A2 + B2 = C2 is the Pythagorean theorem, to calculate the length of the three sides of a right triangle. The challenge with this glass object by Rineke is to calculate the length of the two oblique sides. , when you only know that the height of the work is 27 cm, and the width of the foot is 17 cm. Moreover, you can see that the two sides are not equally slanted. You’ll manage, wont you?


Mesmerizing work, it looks like an eruption! Or maybe a moss plant that germinates or a nest of cobras? The light shines fantastically through this work, the first of a series of Eruptions of glass that Rineke makes. The glass is smooth and rounded by the temperature at which it is processed. Really so beautiful!


The lovely warm summer sun inspired Rineke to make a tropical glass sea turtle. The turtle is placed on a low glass pedestal which makes it seem to float in the water. When the light shines through you see a beautiful colored shadow, which creates the illusion that the turtle is in the open ocean. A holiday memory that you almost seem to snorkel through.

Bon bini beach

These waves of Bon Bini Beach capture the soul of Caribbean paradise in brilliant glass. It evokes the longing for the azure water, the breaking waves, the soft sand and the warm rays of the sun. A world where every day feels like a warm greeting.


Rineke first made a number of separate elements for this work. After forming, they lay on the workbench for a while to see what it would be. Suddenly it became clear: It turned out to be the twisted shape of a chromosome! A helix, in other words. What a discovery.


Fancy the blissful summer? Nice and lazy and languid in the sun. Warm though…. What could be better than cooling down a bit with a nice pink milkshake with ice cream and fresh strawberries! This glass sculpture Milkshake gives you exactly that feeling, but without melting. Slurping is allowed 😇