Hollum Description Hollum stands on the beach of Ameland at the high tide line. While foraging, he keeps a close eye on his surroundings. He pauses, alert, thinks he sees something coming. The wind blows its feathers a little out of the fold. He is on the mudflats together with his counterpart Ballum. Specifications Size:22 […]


Ballum Description Ballum is a beach bird like you can find on Ameland and other places on the coast. He is foraging and looking for the next spot to stick his long beak in, looking for a pier, crab or shellfish. The top of his feather cover blows up a little in the wind and […]


Diver Description The Diver just jumped off a high rock, his body stretched long. His hands touch the water. It splashes glistening up and in his face. Rineke has placed the bronze statue Diver on a water table to enhance the effect of splashing water. But the statue can also stand on a stone in a […]


Leisure Description On a lazy summer day, this ‘beach missy’ is reading her magazine in the nude. With her hair up, she lies in the sun, completely at ease. The sculpture lies on a solid glass pedestal so that it is beautifully lit from all sides. Specifications Size:19 x 5 x 6 cm Material: Bronze […]


The human form is always an interesting subject to create. Thors is a small bronze statue of a man’s torso.

Birdie NomNom

Birdie Nomnom Description There are plenty of birds around the house and Rineke would like to keep it that way. In order to feed them in style in the winter, she made Birdie NomNom. A tangle of branches with sparrows, and a wagtail. On the branches that protrude over the edge you can hang a […]