New: Tic and Tic-tac

The first work in the series, called Tic-tac-toe, was on display in the exhibition Reflections in Glass in Persingen. Now Tic-tac and Tic are also ready. The series of 3 works is clearly recognizable as family, a clear glass surface of 3 by 3 squares containing various blue and clear rods as markings. They are beautifully framed and suitable for your wall.


The third and final work in the tic-tac-toe series is Tic. In the 3 by 3 glass playing field, only one blue-coloured rod has now been placed in each block. As a result, this work looks less complicated than the family members Tic-tac and Tic-tac-toe. Framed in a black box frame, it is a beautiful work to have on the wall.


This is the second work in the tic-tac-toe series, Tic-tac. Next to some clear glass rods a number of blue glass rods have been incorporated into the glass grid of 3 by 3 blocks. During the glass fusion, they are bent in different directions, making it appear as if they are neatly distributed over the entire playing field. A cheerful work for the wall.